Los Angeles, USA - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

June 2015: As part of the ongoing evolution of our Company, the desire to incorporate additional and new mining asset opportunities in both Tanzania and Western Canada, and the intent to relocate to London with increased access to European Capital Markets, the Company has made the strategic decision to change the category of our SEC registration from a reporting to a non-reporting company for the time being. The Company feels that over this short period of time our resources are best utilized in the continuing development of our Gold Production. The Company will be utilizing the Alternative Filing System to file our financials.

Revelstoke, British Columbia. M100 Ore processing plant.

December 2016: Capable of processing up to 120 tonnes of Ore per hour the new M100 processing plant was despatched from the manufacturer, in its container, ready for onward shipping to Dar es Salaam, arrival in Tanzania is dependent upon shipping schedules, but is estimated at second week of February.

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Robert Slavik
CEO and Managing Director
R. Slavik checking gold machine Model 10.
R. Slavik testing gold machine before departure to Tanzania.